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What are the key points that need attention to the maintenance of the mechanical hand of the injection molding machine?

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What are the key points that need attention to the maintenance of the mechanical hand of the injection molding machine?

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What are the key points that need attention to the maintenance of the mechanical hand of the injection molding machine?

From the long-term operation of the injection machine manipulator, the long term attention to some important operating conditions will reduce the downtime and reduce the cost. The following are several issues to be paid attention to.

1. The cycle cycle of the mechanical hand of the injection molding machine

The link part of injection molding machine manipulator will move normally along the guideway with power cable and vacuum hose, but the sound will be smooth and stable. Check any bearings that can be observed to ensure that they are rotated smoothly. Only to check and listen to some signs of wear or need to adjust, can greatly help to maintain the best operating state of the manipulator. One of the main points of keeping the manipulator running well is simple observation and listening, which can expose a lot of information about the overall operation of the manipulator. The manipulator works through specific actions, so listen to any abnormal voice, such as whistling, clicking, etc. these indicate that the bearing cannot rotate properly or some other member is stuck.

2. Pneumatic system

Including the multi axial servo drive, almost all the manipulator will have pneumatic function as long as it has the wrist and vacuum grab. Pay close attention to the suction plate of the filter pressure regulating valve unit, where the accumulation of water indicates that the humidity of the compressed air source is too large. The existence of a small amount of water vapor may be transmitted to pneumatic valves and actuators, resulting in oxidation and internal pollution, which may eventually lead to pressure regulating valve sticking or actuator sticking or failure. If the suction disc is equipped with an automatic dehumidifier, the contamination or discoloration on the sucker also indicates that the water gas is increased before it is removed. If the water is gathered in a sucker, it can also enter the system and cause the above problems, even if it has a short time. If you notice any tangible damage to the pneumatic hose, the system may be leaked.

If the pressure loop is filled with air at normal operating pressure, and leakage in the loop somewhere, then you should easily find obvious hiss, and help you determine the location of the leak.

3, guide and bearing

The guideways and bearings at all axes should be kept clean and good lubricity. If the manipulator runs in a dusty environment, it is necessary to clean up the guideway regularly. If you find any metal fragments or powder, it may indicate that the lubrication is not good. In order to ensure proper lubrication, it is very important to have an appropriate linear guidance system. Most of the manipulator have automatic lubrication system and parts that need regular replacement.

4. Drive system

The conveyer belt that deviates from the direction will wear out very quickly. As long as it is a belt driven system, the preload of the conveyor belt itself can be checked in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. These specifications will tell you the appropriate amount of error in the specific position of the conveyor belt relative to the pulley. If the gap can not be adjusted, the assembly and transmission gear may wear out and need to be replaced. If it is necessary to repair the assembly and transmission gear, it is best to replace two components at the same time so as to ensure the long-term performance. As for a shaft driven by a conveyor belt, close attention is paid to the debris of the conveyor belt worn down and the damage itself. Check the pulley carefully and notice the signs of dust from the source of the material. Make sure that the conveyor belt and the drive pulley and the grooved pulley are completely arranged in line. If the manipulator is driven by an assembly - drive gear, notice whether there is any hesitation or sloshing during the operation. All movements in addition to smooth and smooth movements can indicate the damage of the drive system or the internal storage of some foreign objects. When the manipulator moves downward, it is a quick way to check the action or backlash between the assembly beam and the transmission gear. The method is to push the towing arm and feel the abnormal motion. However, due to the high tolerance of normal manufacturers, this method will be very inaccurate. If you suspect that the assembly beam and the transmission gear may have problems, the better way is to use a long range of magnetic pedestal. After adjusting the tooth clearance according to the manufacturer's instructions, check all the stroke of the shaft to ensure that there is no tight place between the assembly beam and the transmission gear.


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